Mothers Day Specials and Surprise gifts ideas

Mothers Day Specials and Surprise gifts ideas

What is mothers day?

Mothersday is an annual celebration event to honour and respect towards mother.Every year mothersday will be celebrated on second sunday of May in USA & in india.This year mothers day will be celebrating on May13, 2018.Mothersday is a day where everyone show some little respect & more love towards mother.On this day it is special to surprise the mother with gifts and something she likes.

Why should we celebrate mothers day?

This day [Mother’s Day] is first started celebrating from greeks and romans.On the ancient days they stared respecting mother from this day.That’s why almost 40+ countries in the world is now celebrating mothers day.According to greeks they were celebrating a festival n this day to honour Rhea [which means Mother].

Ancient romans were celebrating a festival name “Hilaria” on this day.This festival was dedicated to Cybele [Which means Mother].On those days romans celebrated this festival by offering specials infront of Cybele in the temple.From this day they celebrate this festival for 3 days by Giving gifts,Playing games and Parades etc.They will please mother finally.

Like wise Christians has a history in 1600s in england.They celebrate this festival to respect and price the Virgin Mary [Which means Mother of Christ].They celebrate Mothers day on fourth Sunday of May every year to honour Mary [Mother Goddess] with special flowers and special prayers.

In US countries mothers day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm to surprise his/her mother with great gifts and many activities to make her happy on this special day.

When it comes to India Mother’s Day will be celebrated in some areas only.We in india didn’t give that much priority to mothers day as we always with them, because of affections we cannot show that much interest on this day.


We can celebrate the mothers day in so many ways.All we have to do on this day is to make our mother happy.Follow below tips for Mothers day ideas to fullfill the mothers day.

Surprising Gifts:

  1. We can give her favourite pet as a gift (Because most mothers would stay at home, so pets will always make mother happy)
  2. We can give her a big size Table (Mobile) (In india most mothers don’t have smart phones, so they will love it)
  3. A surprising saree (Who don’t love sarees? Always a mothers dream to get saree from his son/daughter)
  4. Make up kits, Teddy Bears, Bangles and Many more….

Surprising Ideas:

  1. Just give her [Mother] a small Hug with love (This is Every Mother’s dream)
  2. Take your mother to a movie with you (You & your mother only)
  3. Spend all day with your mother & share all your feelings (She would love to hear it)
  4. Go to a small trip on mothers & take some good pictures with her
  5. Post your love towards your mother on social along with a picture of her (when she saw it, she will be more happy)
  6. Like wise you can many things on Mothers Day.

If you love this share this article to your family and friends so that they will also celebrate the Mothers day with some more little effort.

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