10 unbelievable secrets of tirupati venkateswara swami temple

Tirupathi is the most religious place for all hindus in india.There are “10 unbelievable secrets of tirupathi venkateswara swami temple” which you will not know how they were there.This temple is located in chittur district in Andhrapradesh state.You will get excited once you find these secrets of the temple.

  1. This temple was closed in 1800’s closed for 12 years because people were punished by one king who killed them hanging to the walls inside temple

  2. Glowing dweepam inside the temple was lit some thousands of years ago and it wont stop glowing since the starting.


  3. Behind the statue of venkateswara swamy there is real hair grown which is always silky and will always shines.No one knows the reason.


  4. There is a secret village located 22 kilometers from temple which will not allow outsite people to the village.No one knows the exact location of that village, It is always hidden in the forest.


  5. The god status emits around 110 degrees celcious temparatres still the temple is always cold.There are romours thats god is taking that heat and making the whole temple area cold.


  6. God statue in garbha gudi is located at the right side, But it looks exactly at the center of the garbha gudi.

  7. Back side of statue will not dry at all, It is always wet.

  8. Fruits, Flowers used for prayer will be thrown back side of the god statue.No one can see them until 20 kilometers from the temple.
  9. Some other god hits god venkateswara in the ancient days with a rod.That rod is still there!!! 
  10. Tirupati laddu making is copyrighted because of lots of black market

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