Basics of content writing

Lets discuss what are the Basics of content writing for every article.Every blogger dream to watch their blog listing on the google’s first page itself.But to happen that we have to do so many things Like Seo, Smo, Email marketing etc.What are we going to promote through Seo?

Yes,The content that is the mediator for our blog and google.To do seo we need a perfect with relevant keywords in the content.Google will read each and every word in our article and it will show our article to the users who are searching for that thing.To write a perfect content we have few simple steps.These steps will guide and make you a perfect content writer.

Basics of content writing:
  • Research about the Topic
  • Select best Headings and Subheadings
  • Choose sufficient keywords for the article
  • Images for the article
  • Content research & Proof check
  • Internal and External Linking

Research about the Topic:

Before you start any article first think about the subject, what your article exactly about and how to organise the content for that article.Lets say now i am now writing article about “Basics of content writing”.I have gone through lots of websites having this content and finally decided to use this topic.Likewise research as much as you can before starting an article that will work amazing.

Select best Headings and Subheadings:

Headings takes a major role in SEO, because google will first search for the headings if two websites have same headings than it will go for subheadings.So choose carefully text for the headings.These should be similar to content subject.For example take this article my article is about content writing i used the word content in my heading, so google can crawl my article easily when some searched for content related queries.

Choose sufficient keywords for the article:

As we know “Content is king” but “Keyword is king” in the content part.Whenever someone searched for something first google checks how many times that word appears in the website & than it will that to the use.The keywords should small and simple.In my article the Keyword is “Content”.You may understand now why i used that word so many times :).Like me choose the keywords wisely for your for blog.

Images for the article:

Your article should not be boring to the readers for that we use Images as the diversions.While reading the content they may get bored in that time they are interested to watch the pictures we used.So after you have chosen the topic & content, First prepare some good pictures related to your subject.

Content research & Proof check:

If you don’t know how to write the correct phrases you may use some tricks like Using your competitors content & modifying it.But be careful while you doing that because google will found you.Change maximum words in the copied content that way you can avoid google.If you know how to write perfect content than you have no need to go for the competitors.After the completion of writing make sure to check spelling.You can check the spellings in 2 ways one is in word press you have “Proof read writing” Option in the toolbar (or) you can copy the whole content and paste in Word and do spell check.

Internal and External Linking:

There is so much importance for this Linking option.Once a user comes to your website he should leave the website quickly, he should stay in the website long enough.To do that you have to start Internal linking and External Linking.To know more about Internal & External linking Click Here.You can do it while writing the content itself but it will consume lots of time.To avoid that you can do the linking process after completion of the article.

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