Best courses to learn after degree

Best courses to learn after degree: Below are the top 5 best courses to learn after degree

Digital Marketing

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Storage (or) Block Chain

Machine Learning

After degree completion it is very impossible to get a job in the related field of education.So i have come up with some better job courses which will help out after degree.

Digital Marketing:It is the most easiest course to learn.Anyone can understand this course easily because there is no need of coding required.Digital marketing can be done by a civil engineer, Bcom persons anyone it doesn’t related to education.All you need is some interest in the field.

Data Science: If you have some basic coding knowledge, it is the best course to learn.Because it is the most popular job role which is giving more salary than any-other roles.Starting salary would be around 50,000 rs in this field.This job is purely related to insights.A digital marketer can directly get this job if he have enough experience.Both digital marketing and Data science are interrelated.For data science freshers they have to learn basic Java & Python.

Artificial Intelligence: It is related to robotics but not everything.The best example to explain this technology is Amazon.Whenever we visit amazon it will show us the products that we are interested only.Lets say we are in search for new phone and than we went to amazon first it will show phones only without any search.Which is possible only through AI.This job is the most expensive yet toughest job in the market.Only CSE & IT students cracks these job roles.The starting salary will be 1 lakh in Artificial Intelligance.

Cloud Storage (or) Block Chain: It is the future god job role for every company.Cloud means storing the online data in a secure place.Now the world is depending on online only which needs to store that data.There are lakhs of jobs available in this field.Block chain is also come under cloud which is the most powerful technology to store sensitive data.This job role also get 1 lakh per month.

Machine Learning: This is purely robotics.Just like artificial intelligence, We have to had a completing coding knowledge to crack this job.All the new machines have to work automatically that is possible only through machine learning.

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