What is the future of a digital marketer? (Job roles and salaries)

Future of a digital marketer (Salaries and Job roles):

Digital marketing is not a job, its passion about new things.Digital Marketing Job roles and salaries are based on the strength of our passion.As much as we apply on it we will learn more and earn more.In india almost 80% jobs are depended on Digital marketing.After the jio revolution everyone has smartphone and everyone have internet which digitalizes everything.In addition indians are very lazy when it comes to shopping and buying.So everyone interested to buy online know online before going to any shop.Based on all these things we can analyse the importance of digital marketing.

Anyone who have a tiny knowledge of digital marketing can survive in the present market.For freshers they can expect 10,000rs per month as salary.If we have a good website and some internship projects we can get min.20,000rs salary.Anyone with more than 2 years of job experience in digital marketing can get 30,000-50,000 rs salary per month.Almost every job in digital marketing field will be from a startup company.India is fast growing country.So almost every start up company will look for a digital marketer so they can grow digitally.[Tip: To get more salary as a fresher you will have a amazing website with good amount of content and ranking].

I have almost 2 years of experience in digital marketing field, I know how the salaries will be allocated to digital marketers in india.I am providing the Job roles and Salaries based on my knowledge.

Digital Marketing Job roles and salaries:

Job Roles:

  • Digital marketing intern (For freshers)
  • Digital marketing associate (1-2 years experience)
  • Digital marketing specialist (3-4 year experience)
  • Digital marketing analyst (3-5 years experience)
  • Digital marketing manager (5+ years experience)

Salaries in india:

  • Digital marketing intern – 6000 – 10000 rs
  • Digital marketing associate – 10000 – 15000 rs
  • Digital marketing specialist – 15000 – 30000 rs
  • Digital marketing analyst – 30000 – 50000 rs
  • Digital marketing manager – 50000 – 3 lakhs

Salaries may vary with the company profiles.For startups we can expect the basic salaries.For MNC’s and old aged companies the salaries will be more.As the salary and position increase the work modules will increase.for example freshers will work on content and seo only.For a digital marketing specialist they have to work on SEO,SEM,SMM,Google Adwords etc.

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