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Digital Marketing Questions with Answers

Digital Marketing is the most leading job in 2018.There are more than 2,00,000 jobs available related too Digital Marketing.So we have learned the coarse but there is another barrier between us and the job that is interview.It is going to be very tough for Digital Marketers because we have a bad habbit :).That is we can start our own business without any investment thats why HR’s are will make sure while taking digital marketer.

I am writing this article with huge experience in Interviews, so i know easy ways to crack the interview.Lets get started with basic interview questions. Note: I am using my name (Anil) in this article for reality.

Q1) Tell me about yourself?

Ans) Good Morning sir/madam,

  • First of all, thank you for giving this opportunity and it’s my pleasure introduce myself.
  • I am Anilkumar, I came from Kondramutla (Village), Guntur (Dist).Currently i am staying in KPHB, Hydearbad.
  • I am a 2017 graduate from Vr siddhartha college with 8.20 GPA .
  • I had worked as a Digital Marketing Analyst in Pringle Technologies for 1 year.Due to some personal problems i have to left that job.
  • My strengths are Self learning, Hardworking and Positive attitude which helps me to get over with my weakness like Quick decisions.
  • So far my family background is concerned, we are two members in my family.Me and My mother, My father was passed away.
  • My hobbies are blogging,Browsing and i like travelling very much.
  • My short term goal is to get job in this company and my long term goal is to become a Digital Marketing Manager which is the highest position in this field.

Thats all about me sir, Thank you.

Q2) What is the definition of Digital Marketing?

Ans) The process of promoting a service,Product (or) Business using Digital Media is called as “Digital Marketing”.

Q3) What are the major categories in Digital Marketing?

Ans) Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing.

Q4) Why do you Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?


  1. Extraordinary lead generation option available in Digital Marketing.
  2. Exact analytics and Reporting features available
  3. Low cost marketing and Interest based targeting available

Q5) What is AMP & Tell me about it?

Ans) AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.Its

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