How to create Facebook Page – 2018

How to create Facebook Page – 2018

Today i am gonna show you How to create Facebook Page – 2018 updated. Creating Facebook page is easiest way in Facebook.its just so simple like creating facebook profile.Follow Below steps

Step1: To create a Facebook page you must need a Facebook Profile and it should be secure.If you already have Facebook account.After you creating the account, You can start creating the Facebook page by Clicking here


You will see the above page choose between Business type and Everything else

Step2: The next main part is the type of page selection, there are 2 types of Facebook pages in facebook.For business relations you need to select business option because in business page there some cool features like Jobs Tabs & Reviews tabs etc.If you are not creating For business you can also select another one, in the other one also you can get those cool features 🙂

Step3: Next Click on continue and Start filling all the data required in the form
and than continue with page creation.

Step4: In these steps you will asked to upload Profile picture and cover picture. It’s good to upload Profile picture and Cover picture (or) you can also do that later.

Step5: Now you got the answer for How to create Facebook Page – 2018? right…

And your Facebook page is ready next you need more followers to increase customers.
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