How to start Bitcoin trading in 2019 | beginners guide

How to start Bitcoin trading | beginners guide: Bitcoin is the future of digital currency everyone knows that.Now a days stock market trading is the common platform to earn money by investing some money into companie shares.Likewise bitcoin trading also buying and selling bitcoins.

For beginners to start bitcoin trading they have to choose a flexible trading platform and need some amount to buy & invest in the trade.

I would suggest to start with CoinDcx, Bitbns & Pocketbits platforms. Because these are the easy websites to understand for beginners.All you have to do is signup with your details and buying some coins.

It would be better to start with investing less amount (Ex: $2=150rs) so that even if you loose you wont feel bad.

After you buy the coins wait for the time to increase the coin price.You will get profit when you buy coin at low price and selling that coin at high price.

What is the difference between Stock trading and Bitcoin trading:

You have to know the reason why bitcoin trading is better than stock trading to get into this market.Stock trading involves in lots of rules and restrictions.It will have tax cutting, more brokarage fees and difficult for a common man to invest.Where as in bitcoin trading there will be no headaches, all you have to do is buying and selling coins in a website.There will be no rules and restrictions.

Tricks and Tips in Bitcoin trading:

  • Buy and sell bitcoins with profitable prices.
  • Use 2 – 3 trading platforms for trading, it will give more profits .Ex. I will buy a coin for $1 in CoinDcx website & i wll sell that same coin for $3 in PocetBits website.
  • Try to buy crypto coins as well, because they will have lots fluctuations in the prices & there by profits will be high.
  • Try to learn about limit trading, It will be the permanent solutions to get more profit for higher bids of money.
  • Use Bitcoin mining websites where you will get free bitcoin. (Ex. Claim Bitcoin Network)



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