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How to start email marketing for business

How to start email marketing for business

How to start email marketing for business

Hey guys!!! I hope all are doing fine.Today we are gonna learn “How to start email marketing for business”.Are you sick of using paid marketing tools like Facebook & Instagram but not getting any results? Than I have a very powerful marketing tool for you 🙂 i.e Email marketing yeyyy…Lets start

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is nothing but sending emails to our customers frequently using third party tools in a perfect format in the relevant times.

Why Email Marketing?

Everyone absolutely using emails right so why don’t we target our customers using these emails? We can even get the analytics after we send the emails.The main different between other marketing tools and Email marketing is those are not official but Email marketing is official marketing and so powerful.

How to start email marketing?

To start email marketing we have to plan for a campaign.Follow the below steps

⇒First come up with list of customer emails⇒Next use a email marketing tool⇒Then come up with the content in the email⇒Finally schedule the email (or) send right away.

Step 1: Collect all the customers emails you have into a excel sheet.

Step 2: Use a email marketing tools like G-Suite & Mail Chimp.In the present market Mail chimp is the free tool with more options.Whereas G-suite is costly we have pay some money google and we have some limitations in g-suite.

Step 3: Come up with some cache headings and offers we have to promote.Make sure the content should small and simple.

Step 4: Finally send the emails by clicking on send button (or) We can also send mail in the scheduled time

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