What is a keyword and how to select the best keyword?


What is a Keyword?

We can tell lots of definitions and i am giving the best definitions i found relevant


A focus word in the whole content of a page (or) a article is called as “Keyword”.


A word (or) phrase which is given by a user in the search box is called as “Keyword”.


It is also defined as “The crawl-able word in a whole web page”.

Importance of Keywords:

  • Keywords gives completeness to content
  • We can target our customers using the relevant keywords,Without keywords we can’t get any traffic (or) visitors to our website
  • When a user entered a keyword related to our content which is also having that keyword we will show up on google’s search results
  • We can also won our competitors with the keywords

How to find keywords:

We can find keywords in two ways

  1. Own thinking
  2. Some third party tools

Own thinking means we have to analyse some keywords by thinking as a user (Ex: We need Keywords related Food in Delhi – than we can select Best food in delhi,Food near me in delhi, like that)

Third Party tools means we use some other websites which will give us the exact keywords we needed.I have listed some best third party tools for keyword reasearch

  1. Semrush – Link
  2. Moz – Link
  3. Ahref – Link
  4. Keyword.io – Link
  5. Ubersuggest – Link

What are the types of Keywords?

There are different types of keywords decided based on the tool we used to find out, those are

  1. Informative Keywords: “If we use keywords just to give information to users than those are Informative Keywords”.
    Ex: How to buy a good smart phone,What are the best laptops etc.
  2. Navigational Keywords: “If we use keyword to navigate users to some other webpage is called as Navigative keywords”.
    Ex: Best smart phones in Flipkart, Navigate me to apollo.com etc.
  3. Transactional Keywords: “These are the exact keywords which are related to transactions, Like Buy,Subscribe etc.”
  4. Commercial Keywords: “These are the keywords which lead to Transactional keywords”
  5. Broad Match Keywords: “These are the keywords which will show up not related to keywords but they have relation”
  6. Phrase Match Keywords: “These are the keywords which will give phrase results related to the search term”.
  7. Exact Match keywords:”These will give exact results related to the exact search term”

How to find exact keyword (Keyword Difficulty):

We have found lots of keywords related to our needs by using above tools, But we should not target all keywords at once.So we will choose some best keywords among those and we will estimate the time we needed to show results for that keyword. This is all called as “Keyword Difficulty”

We can use same below tools to find the keyword difficulty

  1. Semrush – Link
  2. Moz – Link
  3. Ahref – Link
  4. Keyword.io – Link
  5. Ubersuggest – Link

The above tools will give some score for each keyword based on the search volume and competition.We can choose low competition and target that keyword to get ranking. (or else) We also have another method to find the keyword difficulty.

we can use below formula to find out the keyword difficulty

Competitors = Search Results * (Competition+0.01)

Value Range         Time to target

1 Cr – 10 Cr             >10 Years

10 Lakh – 1 Cr        2 to 10 Years

1 Lakh – 10 Lak      6 to 12 months

Few Thousands     3 to 6 months

The above table will gives us the time required to get ranked on search engine for the keywords we use.

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