Top 10 tourist places in Hyderabad

There are more than Top 10 tourist places in Hyderabad & I included the best ones i like the most.Hyderabad is a place where you can enjoy more, where you can earn more and where you can learn more.When it comes to entertainment there are so many tourist places in hyderabad.There are historical places like charminar, Fun places like Film city and many more…


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Charminar is a monument constructed in 1591 for a reason.That construction become the Icon of Hyderabad.It is situated in the Old city of hyderabad.This place is full of rush everyday and the people here are 90% Muslims.The entry ticket to visit charminar is 10rs for adults and 5rs for children.It is the highest  structure when we climb to top we can all of Hyderabad from there.And also there are so many tourist spots here to visit Like makka maseed and Bangle bazaar etc.

Watch the below video, How charminar place look like and how beautiful it is

2. Nagarjuna Sagar:

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Nagarjuna sagar dam is the oldest dam in Telangana state and also most visiting tourist in recent times.There are lots of places to visit in Nagarjuna sagara like Museum,Dam,Nagarjuna Konda etc.This place is like filled with full of water, Lots fun places and most recommended place.

Watch the below video, How Nagarjuna Sagar Dam look like

3. Golconda Fort:

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It is a fort constructed on Granite hills by Kakatiyas.It was once used for lot of purposes the main one we know is the worlds precious Diamonds were stored here.The rocks are cutted in perfect to make doors and to make mahals and lot more.You must visit this place to see the top most mahal which has a speciality to reflect that sound to the bottom of the Hill.

Watch the below video, How Golconda Fort look like

4. Tank Bund:

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It is a place located beside Hussen Sagar in hyderabad.There are lot of statues of great poets placed on two sides of the road.Hyderabad is full of pollution with the huge traffic when you were here you will lot of peace.In the evening times due to lots of tress here you the place is filled with lots of Air. And also there are almost around 5 parks are situated around the tank bund.Most recommended spot for families and friends.

Watch the below video, How TankBund look like

5. Chilkur Balaji Temple:

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This is the most pleasant place around whole hyderabad. This temple is located at the exit of the hyderabad city & it is the most peaceful place that i have ever seen before.This place is having lots of trees surrounded by green farms.On the way to this temple you will find zoo parks and resorts which are incredible places to spend some quality time.Take some time on weekends and go here & you will definitely felt happy.

Watch the below video, How Chilkur Balaji Temple look like

6. Birla Mandir:

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It is a hindu temple which is located in a hill of height 280 hyderabad.It is very good place for tourists, because it is the oldest temple in hyderabad with many hindu god statues represented and best holy place for hindus. Lots of telugu movies were shooted in this temple.Everyone must visit place.

Watch the below video, How Birla Mandir look like

7. Paradise Restaurant:


Paradise is the oldest and the best restaurant in hyderabad from 1940’s.The biryani taste here will taste heavenly food and even more.The one paradise restaurant in secunderabad is the biggest branch in whole hyderabad.Everyone must taste that food before they dead.

Watch the below video, How Paradise look like

8. Ramoji Film City:

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It is the biggest film city in india located within more than 2000 acres of land.Its like Disney land to indians.Almost 90% of south indian movies were taken in Ramoji Film City.There are lot of things to see in here.

Watch the below video, How Ramoji Film City look like

9. Salarjung Museum:

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It is located in the banks of Musi river in hyderabad and it is among three national museums in india.It  have historical things of the kings who ruled hyderabad before.

Watch the below video, How Salarjung Museum look like

10.NTR gardens:

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It is the most green place in hyderabad which have almost 10 green parks are surrounded.Hussen sagar beside NTR gardens give more attraction.It very popular place in hyderabad.

Watch the below video, How NTR Gardens look like

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