Tourism In India

India is more of religious place having Approx. 130Cr population.In india we can find difficult cultures & different food tastes in different cities.In southindia because of low literacy we can see old culture, when it comes to north india we can see different people with technically updated indians.There are lot of places in india, we will guide you in each state places in this website.Lets take a small brief about indian tourism below

Unlike other countries which are having lots of tourism spots india has huge difference.You will love the places by heart because the people here are so emotional to make you attracted to them 🙂


Lets take Taj Mahal as an example for explaining each aspect of india .Taj mahal have all emotions explaining itself it was bulit by a Mughal king who is a Muslim here you can see the religiousness & the taj mahal is constructed as a symbol of love we can observe the softness here.And you know what all the constructed employees were murdered by the owner.Here you can observe the cruelty of indias.Likewise there are lot of variations in indian people & in indian places. Read More