Ask anyone, What is the most powerful and popular technology in these days.The reply you will expect certainly is block chain technology, after you hear that word you will have on mind that “What is BLOCK CHAIN?”.

Well, Block chain is a technology developed to provide powerful security to data.Its security system is unbreakable to almost everyone.Block chain technology is still in development stage but it got all approvals from world wide organisations.

How Block Chain works?

As the name says, Block chain is constructed by connecting multiple blocks of security block.Lets say we want to secure our personal data in block chain.In this case we have to put this data in a block with a lock pattern.The block chain will than divide that pattern into multiple blocks which are connected to each other & it will be operable when we have all the patterns to those multiple blocks.Yeah it is a bit confusing but the more it is confusing the more it will be strong security to the data.

How Block Chain is useful?

The future is technology only and each technology have to secure their data.Already most of the multi national companies are using block chain technology to store their data in block chains.It is more durable and most economically easy to use.Block chain and Data science will going to rule the future that’s for sure. Data science will provide and Block chain will store that data.

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