What is Data Science Technology?

What is Data Science Technology?

What is Data Science? :

Data science is defined as “A technology used to perform the business statistics according to the business development using required softwares”.

Datascience is one of the leading technology in worldwide.There are crores of jobs available in Data Science technology.This is the future of every software company.So how will the data science works?

Data Science will work on the following steps


  1. Input Data Storage: Data will be stored in a planned manner under the secure guidelines, The stored data will be used in a strategical way to get more business.
    Ex: We have bought something from Amazon and our information will be stored into amazon data fields and they will use that data for the future marketing purposes.This will be possible only for Data Science Technology.
  2. Business strategy and Analytics: The collected data will be used in a analytical way to improve the business performance.This analytics includes “Targeting, Scheduling, Goals creation etc.”
    Ex: Lets take Amazon, they will track the amount of audience to the website and based on the most popular times they will gives offers to attract more customers.
  3. Software usage: We all know the python software right? It is a machine learning software and by using this software we will create some tools which are needed for data science.By using these tools we will analyse the data and use it in a technical way.
    Ex: Python software with machine learning technique, It will show the related products to the customers.For example i am looking by a mobile, It will show me only mobiles in the search field.

What are careers in Data Science:

  • Data science is having huge opportunities with large amounts of salaries.
  • Every graduate can become a Data scientist irrespective of specialisation.
  • Digital Marketers can directly turn their future into Data science.
  • Minimum salary in this field is 4 Lakhs
  • Around 30 Lakhs jobs available in worldwide.

How to learn data science:

  • First learn Digital marketing and there learn analytical skills
  • Next Python and Basic Java are need to learn
  • These both will be enough to become a data scientist.

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