What is people opinion on Janasena Party?

JANASENA, A gathering begun by incidental motion picture on-screen character Pawan Kalyan.


Many feel that he began party as a result of bifurcation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh however it is completely false. The where it counts contemplations and battles he had seen from his youth made him to start.Just bifurcation touched off it.

Indeed, let me come to party philosophies. This gathering isn’t about which give transitory answers for individuals. Maybe a couple of his belief systems are:

To make individuals to leave neediness,

To Give instruction with qualities,

Peace: Security for all for the most part to ladies I.e young ladies ought not feel Insecure to turn out even in mid night,

Giving beam of want to ranchers to not to submit suicide and make them rich.

Advancing Industries dependent on individuals’ advantage,

A general public which isn’t segregated by religion,caste,location..

A place nobody will endure because of absence of facilities(hospitals,schools,grounds,power,water,roads, transportation,..),

A place nobody will be jobless,

A place where nobody is destitute.

At long last a position of bliss.

Maybe a couple may address me where are strategies and where is plan and where are individuals. Indeed we don’t have anything since we are not in rush to get influence and we are not keen on riches.

We JANASENA discovering individuals who can make approaches, who can lead and battle for individuals’ concern till they get unraveled, it is anything but difficult to make strategies nowadays to give brief arrangements however we need to give a lasting arrangement understanding ground roots, culture, and qualities.

Contentions: Many say that Pawan Kalyan isn’t addressing??

1)He scrutinized his sibling chiranjeevi for consolidating prajarajyan in Congress and for not battling till end.

Arrangement: JANASENA

2)He scrutinized a similar government he bolstered in 2014 for not satisfying the guarantee of uncommon status to AP

Arrangement: Special bundle is given once he began addressing.

3) He addressed government for constraining couple of towns to give arrive for building capital city

Arrangement: They quit compelling

4)He interrogated regarding kidney disappointment of a specific place in AP.

Arrangement: Government found a way to conquer this issue.

Furthermore, there are parcel more things he examined concerning polavaram, rayalaseema package..And we keep on addressing here after.

Our hopefuls won’t be same as different gatherings, Our strategies are not same as other government approaches and our Moto isn’t to be in power however it is to determine individuals’ issues. We will bring a similar motto into individuals only not for 2019 race but rather for all the days/years to tell that we are there with individuals to determine their issues.

Lastly the inquiry is about what individuals are considering. As I am one among them I would state that I was never his fan bcs of his motion pictures since I feel there are a lot more great on-screen characters than him yet his considerations and torment activated me and made me a player in JANASENA.

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