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What is Sitemaps and Robots.txt?

What is Sitemaps and Robots.txt?

What is Sitemaps and Robots.txt?: Below are the perfect definitions

Sitemaps: “The process of Submitting our website data and links to google is called Sitemaps”.

Robots.txt: “The process of giving commanding google to crawl our website is called Robots.txt”.

Step by Step by process for a New website:

The sitemap and robots are the heart of websites these days.After the website creation we should do these otherwise our website wont be visible in google search.

First we have to create Robots.txt file for website, But why? yes there are two ways to do this.

  1. For wordpress we need to a have plugin called Yoast in which Robots.txt will be created automatically (We dont have to do anything).Click here to know how t find the Robots.txt file in wordpress.
  2. For coded websites like HTML & PHP, we have to manually enter the code.Click Here to know how to insert Robots code in a Html website.

After you create the Robots.txt file, You need to check whether it is working or not.You can check by entering by using this format ⇒ (Ex:

After the Robots file creation the next step is to create SiteMap for our website.First we should need to create Google Webmaster Tools account.Click Here to know how to signup with Google webmaster tools.After the account creation we can do the further process in two ways

  1. For wordpress we can do this easily using Yoast plugin.Click Here to know how to setup Sitemaps for website using Yoast plugin.
  2. For other coded websites like HTML & PHP, we have to enter a specific code in our website.For the code structure you can visit All you have to do is to go this website and enter your url in the search box and it will give you certain number of links in a coded format.Download the code and copy it than past it in anywhere in the website coding.

Sitemaps is successfully created and you want to test whether it is working or not? You can test it by using this url format (Ex:

How SiteMaps and Robots.txt files works?

These two files will help google to show our website to users.It will work in step by step








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