What is the connection between digital marketing and data science?

After education when we start searching for job opportunities the major ones we heard of are Digital marketing and Data science technology.Almost everyone who knows these two jobs will be always confused when it comes to select either one of them.But if someone asks me what do you choose Digital marketing (or) Data science, I would tell that i will select both.Because both are inter related technologies.Let me explain clearly, What is the connection between digital marketing and data science?

Digital marketing is combination of lots of techniques to increase website ranking and online business growth.We have topics like SEO,SEM,SEM,SMM and Analytics in digital marketing.Whereas data is science is nothing but just data analytics, which we will get from digital marketing.

Data science questions

To become a data scientist, we must be expertise in digital marketing that’s what i believe.Data scientist needs to collect the data analytics from all over the platforms.To gather that data first we must know those platforms, only a good digital marketer will know all the data platforms.Digital marketer work is to gather the customers to one platform after that data scientist will have to get those customer data from that platform.So to become a good data scientist, coding is not enough we must know digital marketing techniques as well.

What is the career path?

First start with digital marketing and work on that role for at least 1 year and than learn all the coding languages that are needed for the data science.It will take almost  6 months to learn the courses.Than join in a good company which will operates on machine learning technologies.After 5 years of experience in data science you will become a good data scientist.To become data scientist manager you must have Analytical knowledge,Mathematics,Programming,Coding expertise and finally digital marketing awareness.

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